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The content of this Wiki is based on the Bachelor course Introduction to Physical Oceanography. All entries were prepared by students of the course.

A major purpose of this Wiki is to help you prepare for the finals. Please write/amend the Wiki articles with this in mind and be succinct.


Wiki Topics

Lecture Topic
1 Introduction and Motivation The Earth's energy budget
The Earth's meridional heat transport
2 Equation of State, Hydrostatic
and Stratification
Equation of State
Stratification & Buoyancy Frequency
3 Ocean Water Masses Water Masses
T-S Diagram
4 Meridional Overturning Circulation Deep Water Formation
The Conveyorbelt
5 Mixing I: Diffusion
and Transport Equations
Transport Equations
Double Diffusion & Salt Fingering
6 Mixing II: Turbulent Transport Reynolds Decomposition
Turbulent Diffusion
Law of the Wall
Bulk Formula
7 Wind-driven Circulation I:
Momentum Equation and Geostrophy
Momentum Equation
Coriolis Force
Geostrophic Flow
8 Wind-driven Circulation II:
Ekman Layer and Sverdrup Transport
Ekman Transport
Ekman Depth and Ekman Pumping
The Great Oceanic Garbage Patch
Sverdrup Relation
9 Wind-driven Circulation II:
Gulf Stream and Other Wind-driven Ocean Currents
Stommel Theory of the Gulf Stream
EBUS Regions
Southern Ocean Circulation
10 Water Waves Tsunami
Internal Waves (2-layer system)
Kelvin Waves
Phase- and Group Velocity
Shallow and Deep Water Waves
Dispersion, Dispersion Relation
Internal Waves
11 Biogeochemical Tracer in the Ocean Ocean Tracer
The Ocean's Carbon Cycle
12 El Nino/Southern Oscillation The Southern Oscillation
ENSO Teleconnections
The Bjerknes Feedback
13 Ocean and Climate: The Past Glacial-Interglacial changes
Heinrich and Dansgaard–Oeschger events
Global Ocean Circulation in a Changing Climate: Learning from the Past
14 Ocean and Climate: The Future Global Warming Hiatus & Ocean

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